GameStop CEO Reportedly Losing Sleep Over Circle of Life Controversy

DALLAS – Following recent scrutiny and controversy over the company’s “Circle of Life” program, GameStop Corporation Chief Executive Officer J. Paul Raines has reportedly confided to his executive management team that he has “lost hours of sleep” since the public airing of grievances by anonymous employees about the…

Father Deeply Disturbed by Daughter's Overwatch Fan Fiction

BELLINGHAM – Calling the series of short stories written by his eleven-year-old daughter featuring Overwatch characters “extremely alarming” and paralyzed with uncertainty about what to do in response, local father Tom Greenfield clutched the offending pages tightly in his hands and shook them frantically at his wife.

Local Man Not Ready to Introduce New Girlfriend to Gaming Records

REDDING – Although they’ve been on six dates and things are starting to get serious, local resident Reese Sherman acknowledged today that he was still not ready to share certain, intimate details of his life, such as his win/loss statistics, hours spent playing, and prized collections of rare items and costumes in…